Our Team

Buchi Asemota; Our Streets Team

Buchi Asemota

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer

Cocreator of Our Streets. Executive Director and general manager. Grants and budgets, press and community relations. Office manager.

Mikah Takashige; Our Streets Team

Mikah Takashige

Cofounder and Deputy Executive Director

Cocreator of Our Streets. Vice President of the Our Streets Board of Directors.

Nik Wagner; Our Streets Team

Nik Wagner

Director of Operations

Employee management. Human Resources. Scheduling coordination. Budget oversight.

Winter Wagner; Our Streets Team

Winter Wagner

Director of Communications

Manager of social media accounts, website, newsletter and external communications. Lead photographer and content creator.

Tony Arevalo; Our Streets Team

Tony Arevalo

Director of Finance

Manager of finances, including financial planning, analysis, record-keeping and financial reporting.

Jocelyn Lauderback; Our Streets Team

Jocelyn Lauderback

Program Coordinator

Kitchen support and organization manager. Scheduling assistant. Volunteer and kitchen event coordinator.

Joshua Bowman; Our Streets Team

Joshua Bowman

Community Outreach Coordinator

Event planning assistant. Community outreach and program development lead. Creative Director.

Alex Hamilton; Our Streets Team

Alex Hamilton

Kitchen Manager

Kitchen support and organization manager. Scheduling assistant.